Metasearch can survive and thrive (with some tweaks along the way)

However, the marketplace began to evolve at the conclusion of this decade.

Some key areas for discussion at The Phocuswright Conference:
To begin with, Google pinpointed its colours to the mast when it bought ITA Software – a deal which has been the foundation for its Google Rewards platform.
Metasearch can survive and thrive (with some tweaks along the way) 1

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The travel industry required notice, with a succession of deals that have continued even today: Kayak sold into Booking Holdings; Sky scanner went to Ctrip; and, even recently, both Momondo and HotelsCombined also have wound in the Booking Holdings stable of brands.

We now admit into starting our subject in October considering how much discussion was to be had approximately meta search in travel.
But has metasearch’s notion altered through the years?
Our number of articles throughout October have implied that the metasearch version can be like many different businesses in the business, at an interesting point in its evolution.

Problems for Meta Search brands

Thus, meta-search is actually in a crucial point.

We’ve heard just how a number of the brands who’ve functioned to find out a different role are still there in the market, such as HomeToGo, and how many think the full meta-search theory for hotels is coming to a finish .
The search giant also started investigating how metasearch could be a cornerstone of how it wanted to be an integral player on the market for consumers searching for accommodation – on this occasion also combining with how users connect to channels.
It had been, for several years, the errant child of this – internet web sites that got lots of traffic (and some brands raised a great deal of investment money), but its own inherent usefulness for a user tool was only, a few asserted , to compare prices.

Meta search engines obviously served a reason however didn’t really close the loop over the growth of fashion of services to the wider ecosystem that wanted to be part of their inspiration, hunt, booking and post-trip components of traveling.

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  • Differentiating contrary to the rising effect of Google’s meta search strategy.
  • The length of that may meta-book will go.
  • Sectors that continue to be ripe for its version.

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